The Church of the Good Shepherd

As a United Methodist congregation we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. At Good Shepherd UMC that means we follow our shepherd, while recognizing that we are also the face of that shepherd for the world around us. In other words, in following Christ we seek to be his heart and hands for the world.

What does that look like?? Well, we’re a very caring and inclusive community. As we say before we break bread, if you seek Jesus in your life, whatever that means for you, you are welcome.

You may just be looking to be in community. In which case,

You are welcome!

You may be dealing with some brokenness and need healing.

You are welcome!

You may be dealing with the big questions of life and want to understand a Christian perspective.

You are welcome!

Our Discipleship Pathway

At Good Shepherd we recognize that we live in a complicated world. There is much that competes for our attention which can make maintaining priorities and values difficult. Our faith in God offers us a pathway to guidance and strength.

For many, it helps to know the kinds of spiritual activities we offer to enable that connection to God. For us, it starts with “Connecting”. Through or worship and fellowship we are seeking to deepen our connection with God and with each other. We are also committed to “Growing” in our faith. We need to intentionally seek opportunities to grow in our faith and understanding of faith. We are also called to “Serving”. We need to strengthen our faith by doing the work of God in the church and community. Finally, we are called to “Hope”. In a complicated world there are times when all we have is our hope in God’s grace and love.

We seek to live out these components as a community as well as individuals in that community. With this pathway we seek to grow as disciples for Christ who work to transform the world.